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This site presents a collection of Hispanic art history of the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century. The documentation consists of albums, exhibition catalogs, studies on artists and buildings, treatises, conferences, dictionaries, guides, legal documentation and magazines. Most of the documents come from the collaborating institutions that are described in the Institutions section. The rest are from the Humanities Library and the UAB Reserve collection. Documents from other digital repositories have also been incorporated into the web portal.

Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues  (ARCA) Biblioteca Digital de la Comunidad de Madrid
Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Biblioteca Digital de Castilla y León (BDCYL)
Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Histórica (BVPH) Fondos Digitalizados de la Universidad de Sevilla
Biblioteca Virtual de Patrimonio Bibliográfico (BVPB) Europeana
Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (BDH) Google Llibres
Hemeroteca Digital Internet Archive
Biblioteca Valenciana Digital (BIVALDI) HathiTrust Digital Library
Biblioteca Virtual del Principado de Asturias

The portal has been designed to direct access to documents from various inputs: type of document, subject, author, title and year, and publisher. In addition, the search engine allows searches through keyword, and it has been created a database of prints.

The Links section provides links to national and international entities, and complement the information available here.



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