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The Digital Library of the History of Hispanic Art (BDHAH) offers the following search options:

Databases (general search)

Type of documents







Record information

Each record provides a minimal description that includes the following fields:

If more than one, the first one or the director of the work. Printmakers and illustrators are not included.
Title of the work
We have an exact transcription of the titles, so you can find words that do not conform to the current grammar rules.
We have chosen only one form into the publisher's name and/or the printer's, usually the one which is more often found in sources of information or the most complete.
The date of publication of the work, in the case of exhibitions, may not coincide with the year in which they were conducted.
 Document Type
We have established large document types
It was decided to implement a single general subject  for each document. You can get more information about this topic and access the list of subjects
 Name of the library to which the digitized original belongs.
Summary of the content of the work, it may include information about the gestation, publishing, authorship, if more than one author, ... or in the case of exhibitions, information about the type of art objects displayed , etc.

Each record allows:

  • Access to other works written by a specific author.
  • Access to the works published in a specific year and by a specific publisher.
  • To know what copies have been given by one of the libraries participating in this project.


In addition, each record contains:

  • Link to the library catalog, where there is further information about the digital document with data not included in the BDHAH: physical description (pagination, sizes), various notes on the document, etc., and a specific subject classification which relates each document to others on the same theme. 
  • Link to the digital version of the document (full text in PDF). 


  Access to the record information of the depositary library

  Access to the digitized version of the work (PDF)

  Printing of the registers

  Link to the prints

The BDHAH also offers a specific database for prints



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