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Prints paragraph emphasizes the importance of images in books, be it in the function of improving the understanding of the texts or, as an element of enrichment of the publications that accompany them.
This section captures the individual documentation of the illustrations that contain the following works:

Memorias de agricultura y artes, (1815-1821)
Milizia, Francesco. Arte de saber ver en las bellas artes, (1823)
Perez de Villa-Amil, G. España artística y monumental..., 2 vol. (1842)
Memorias de agricultura y artes
Perez de Villa-Amil, Genaro
España artística y monumental..., 2 vol.


The choice of these titles answer chronological and aesthetic criteria. The pictures that decorate presents the techniques of engraving intaglio and lithography. For the whole approach has also prevailed in format, the presentation of España artística y monumental accounted for a description of each of the prints that comprise it.


 Print title

[Titles in brackets] Titles in brackets indicate that the title is taken from the print itself or the accompanying text.

 Technique (intaglio engraving or lithograph)

We do not include print measurements. This data is referred to the bibliographic description of the book.

 Statement of responsibility (artists participating in the making of the print)

dib. (Illustrator)
grav. (Printmaker)
inv. (Inventor)
lit. (Lithograph)
Establ. lit. (Lithographic establishment)
pint. (Painter)


Book to which the print belongs


Exact location of the print in the book


Additional information


First a miniature 150px x 150px, then a large image 600px x 600px

The prints are presented as they are ordered in the item of the digitized work. The image resolution is optimal (jpg) but not the best (tiff), since the maximum resolution required much more weight and impacted negatively on the entire database. You can get a higher resolution if you click on the book title. This link takes you to the register of the book, where you can find the digitization of the work on the icon versió digitalitzada


En el monasterio de Benevivere = Dans le monastere de Bénevivere
Pérez de Villaamil, Genaro (1807-1854) dib.
Carderera, Valentín (1796-1880) inv.
Danjoy, Jean Charles Leon (1806-1862) lit.
Paris: Chez A.Hauser, Boul.d des Italiens, 11: Imprimé par Lemercier
Libro: Pérez de Villaamil, Genaro. España Artística y Monumental. Barcelona ; Madrid : José Ribet : Emilio Font, 1865.
Vol. 1, [Làm. 5]
Croquis de Valentín Carderera



The list of authors: Illustrators (dib.) , Printmakers (grav.) , Inventors (inv.) , Lithographs (lit.) and the list of Titles want to facilitate your search terms as there are only three titles corresponding to the DATABASE.

So you can search for the registered prints by:

- Keyword

Words found in the titles, previously referred to, bearing in mind that:

  • Spelling during the nineteenth century is not often standardized, for example the word lithografia.
  • Truncation is automatic. From the root word the database will retrieve all registers containing the different variants of the root entry. For example, if we enter the root monast we will find the prints that contain the word monastery or monastere.

- Author (name drawn from the above list).

- Technique (for now only the techniques of intaglio and lithography).




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